Agent Tyraxe Wins Back to Back Cash Cups

OCEANIA (Jan. 25, 2021) - Agent Gaming proudly announce the newest edition to their professional Fortnite roster by signing Tyraxe. Following this new signing, Tyraxe then goes on to win the first cash cup of 2021 in tremendous fashion, and is now the back to back winner for the last 2 Fortnite Cash Cups.

Our goal since day 1 with the Agent Gaming roster is to be the best of the best, sign only the highest quality players always looking to elevate their game and strive for nothing but greatness.

"We are completely focused on producing one of if not the best roster in the Oceania region and we have moves set in place to position ourselves on the right path to achieve this goal.

Suffice to say, it has been a great start to 2021 with a first place by Tyraxe and a third place by Rel.