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Established in late 2019, Agent is a versatile lifestyle brand with a focus on competitive gaming, entertainment, and apparel. Our ambition extends beyond these areas as we strive to become a significant player in the pop culture world, engaging in collaborations with athletes, well-known brands, and more.

Creativity & Engagement

UEFN unlocks a new level of engagement. We're utilizing this innovative platform to empower our talented creators and ambitious fans. Imagine stepping into custom-designed maps and games, crafted by your favorite personalities and played alongside them. It's a collaborative canvas where passion collides with play, pushing the boundaries of what "playing together" truly means.

Academy & Collegiate

Empowering young minds

But Agent's impact stretches beyond the digital realm. Through our academy programs and college partnerships, we nurture the next generation of esports stars. We empower young minds to chase their dreams, equipping them with the skills and guidance to navigate the ever-evolving esports landscape.

We're Not Just Spectators

At Agent, we're active participants. We believe in the power of community, innovation, and dedication to shape the future of gaming and entertainment.

Join us, Share your voice, and help us rewrite the rules of the game